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Leverage technology with integrated, reliable and cost-effective hosted solutions that are simple to adopt and scale. When compared to the traditional “build and provision it yourself” model, hosted solutions give you flexibility and accelerated time to market. You are able to add features and services as they become available versus investing in hardware and software that may quickly become outdated.

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Leverage our experience and investment. Choose from a broad portfolio of services and gain access to a rich feature set and economies typically associated with enterprise-class services.

Get IT Here, Get IT All

Gain access to the most comprehensive portfolio of IT and network services available, tailored to small business budget and needs. Consolidating IT services with a single vendor gives you one point of contact and accountability, freeing you to focus on growing your company.

Serving Over 60,000 Small Businesses Nation-wide

Business trust ETI managed IT, network and communication services to deliver the superior and secure experience they need.

Big Business IT on a Small Business Budget

Providing the foundation you need to support, manage and grow your business.

Ideal Software Systems

Eliminated the expense of maintaining a legacy phone system while providing the features and benefits that enable the company to support their global customer base around the clock.

Mississippi Sports Medicine

Reduced costs for their services, while keeping up with their explosive growth with an integrated voice, data and Internet solution with channelized PRI for their main location and largest remote sites

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