Celebrating 30 Years of Service - 1994-2024

High Speed Internet
Team ETI
Company Overview
The KAPS group of companies was founded in early 1994. The KAPS Internet Services division ‘CyberENET’ was then spun off to create ETI, LLC in 1999. ETI is the next generation of Communication Service Providers today and is one of the earliest adopter of Net Neutrality since 1994 to-date. Offering traditional Internet services such as Direct Dial & High Speed Broadband Internet, High Speed T1 & Metro Ethernet Internet, ISDN Internet, eCommerce Hosting & Web & Application development, as well as Cloud Services and Unlimited Voice Calling Plans for both home & office, IP Phones & IP PBX for use at home or in the office, ETI is your complete Communications Service Provider.
Mission Statement
Our Philosophy: we function on one primary philosophy: “We don’t deserve to make a profit if we have not successfully delivered exemplary service.”Our motto: “Service Professionals Dedicated to Your Goals” is our commitment to You.
It is our business and purpose to help you achieve your goals by providing you with the right tools at the right price, and supporting you in times of need. Many businesses, entrepreneurs, and professionals contact us for assistance, not only for choosing the right technology products to invest in, but also for ways to improve their exposure with a presence on the global marketplace, the Internet.
ETI was developed and implemented with the new millennium in mind — a low cost, high performance and technologically advanced network geared to grow with the user. The system offers all the standard features of the Internet, including the basic services of E-mail, World Wide Web, FTP, etc., and advanced features such as Cloud computing, roaming access across the country, universal messaging, virtual private networking (secure private internetworking), eBusiness facilities and much more.
At ETI we are committed to the online world and Internet Technologies. The company was designed to develop and bring to you services to improve your communications. We are Connecting Your World!

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