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ETI Dedicated Host Server Services
The ETI Dedicated Host Server offers capabilities to support high-traffic/complex web sites and eCommerce applications. With more power and tons of software features, our Dedicated Hosting has established itself as a premier hosting service. ETI includes everything needed to develop and host web sites. Standard development tools include compilers, editors, debuggers, header files and libraries. More importantly, the Standards based server make the Dedicated Host Service an excellent choice for eCommerce as well as application hosting. Whether you’re a Hosting provider or a business looking for Internet or Intranet host needs, the ETI solution is the right solution.

Software Features:

  • Choice of Linux® or Windows operating system
  • Apache® or IIS web server
  • ASP, .NET, PHP support (OS based)
  • SMTP, IMAP, POP, MAPI email protocol support
  • CGI, & Perl scripting
  • FTP, anonymous FTP access
  • SSH access
  • Domain Name Server
  • SSL Support
  • NTP client support
  • Bandwidth Management
  • Security: Firewall, Anti-Virus, Anti-Spam, Web App firewall
  • Local or Remote Backup Support

System Management:

  • SSL Support for secure remote administration
  • SNMP management support
  • Browser-based setup wizard
  • Browser-based server management and per-site
  • Online real-time help
  • Active Monitoring support
  • Advanced management using SSH
  • Web-based performance and usage reporting
  • Browser-based backup and restore utility
  • Browser-based software upgrade
ETI offers Customer Dedicated servers. Services include 99.99% uptime guarantee, daily and weekly back-up services including on-site and off-site storage, uninterruptible power supply, unlimited Generator power and NOC security services. For customized hosting services or other complementary services, please contact your account manager @ 888-429-8638 in the USA or 856-753-9840 outside the USA or email connect@eticomm.com.

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