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Biogeography of Amanita

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Background tile depicts Amanita sinensis.


  • Evidence for strong inter- and intracontinental phylogeographic structure in Amanita muscaria, a wind-dispersed ectomycorrhizal basidiomycete.. J. Geml et al. 2008. Molec. Phylog. Evol. 48: 694-701 [PDF]  [ view ]

  • Beringian origins and cryptic speciation events in the Fly Agaric (Amanita muscaria). J. Geml et al. 2006. Molecular Ecol. 15:225-239 [PDF]  [ view ].

  • Distribution in the Americas with comparison to eastern and southern Asia and notes on spore character variation with latitude and ecology. Tulloss RE. 2005. Mycotaxon 93: 189-231. [PDF, 3.25 Mb.  This paper ranges over a number of topics, but includes some comments regarding biogeography and presence/absence data that could contribute to further biogeographical studies.]  [ view ]


  • Northeast Mycological Foray cumulative database, alphabetic listing [ link ]

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