Flora of Roosevelt
Monmouth Co.,
New Jersey

Grasses, Rushes
& Sedges

Last Change: 26 March 2002

Plants Other than Grasses, Rushes & Sedges
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Poaceae (Grass Family)

* Agrostis capillaris Huds.
[Rhode Island Bent-grass]

* Agrostis gigantea Roth

Andropogon virginicus L.

Anthoxanthum odoratum L.
[Sweet Vernal Grass]

Aristida oligantha (Englem.) Morong
[Prairie Three-awn]

Bromus inermis Leyss.
[Hungarian Brome]

* Bromus japonicus Thunb.
[Japanese Brome/J. Chess]

*Bromus racemosus L.
[Upright Brome]

*Bromus sterilis L.
[Barren Brome]

Bromus tectorum L.
[Downy Chess]

Cinna arundinacea L.
[Common Wood-reed]

* i Cynodon dactylon (L.) Pars.
[Bermuda Grass]
Very difficult to control.

* Dactylis glomerata L.
[Orchard Grass]

Danthonia spicata (L.) Beauv.
[Common Wild-oat Grass, Poverty Oat-grass]

Deschampsia flexuosa (L.) Trin.
[Common Hair Grass, Crinkled H. G.]

i Digitaria filiformis var. villosa (Walter) Fern.
[Hairy Slender Crabgrass/H. S. Finger-grass]
Very troublesome weed of poor sandy soils spreading from the southern states. Some Roosevelt plants are resistant to heavy doses of herbicides. Cannot be plowed under because root fragments generate new plants. Supposedly intolerant of shade.

* i Digitaria sanguinalis (L.) Scop.
[Crabgrass/Common C.]
Removal/extirpation recommended, but probably impossible.

* Echinochloa crus-galli (L.) Beauv.
[Barnyard Grass]

* Eleusine indica (L.) Gaertn.

Elymus virginicus L.
[Virginia Wild Rye]

* Elytrigia repens (L.) Desv. ex Jacks.

* Eragrostis cilianensis (All.) Lutati
In large quantity, poisonous to horses.

* Eragrostis curvula (Schrad.) Nees
[Weeping Love-grass]

Eragrostis pectinacea (Michx.) Nees
[Carolina Love-grass]

* Festuca elatior L.
[Tall Fescue}

* Festuca pratensis Huds.
[Meadow Fescue]

Festuca subverticillata (Pers.) E. Alexeev
[Nodding Fescue]

Glyceria canadensis (Michx.) Trin.
[Rattlesnake Manna-grass]

Glyceria obtusa (Muhl.) Trin.

Glyceria striata (Lam.) Hitchc.
[Fowl Manna-grass]

Holcus lanatus L.
[Velvet Grass]
Note: Can kill livestock.

Leersia oryzoides (L.) Swartz
[Rice Cut-grass]

Leersia virginica Willd.

Leptoloma cognatum (Schultes) Chase
[Fall Witch Grass]

* i Microstegium vimineum (Trin.) Camus
[Stilt Grass/Asiatic S.G./Japanese S.G.]
Very destructive. Removal/extirpation recommended, although it may be impossible or take years of repeated removal (seeds are very longlived).

Muhlenbergia schreberi Gmel.

Panicum capillare L.
[Witch Grass]

Panicum clandestinum L.
[Deertongue Grass]
[While native, this can be a troublesome weed.]

Panicum dichotomum L.
Forked Panic-grass]

Panicum dichotomiflorum Michx.
[Spreading P.-g./Fall Panic-grass]

Panicum scoparium Lam.
[Velvety Panic-grass]

Panicum sphaerocarpon Ell.
[Round-fruited Panic-grass]

Panicum villossissimum Nash
[White-haired Panic-grass]

Panicum virgatum L.
[Switch Grass]

Paspalum setaceum Michx.
[Slender Paspalum]

* Phleum pratense L.

*iPhragmites australis (Cavanilles) Trinius ex Steudel
[Reed Grass]
Removal/extirpation recommended.

* Poa annua L.
[Annual Blue Grass]

* Poa compressa L.
[Canada Blue Grass]
Note: Actually, introduced from Europe.

* Poa pratensis L.
[Kentucky Blue Grass]
Note: Actually, introduced from Europe.

* Poa trivialis L.
[Rough Blue Grass]

* Secale seriale L.

Setaria faberi Herrm.
[Nodding Foxtail] 

* Setaria pumilla (Poiret) Roemer & Schultes 
[Yellow Foxtail]
[=S. lutescens (Weigel) Hubb.]

Tridens flavus (L.) Hitchc.
[=Triodes flava (L.) Smyth]

* Triticum aestivum L.


Cyperaceae (Sedge Family)

Bulbostylis capillaris (L.) C. B. Clarke
[Hair-like Sedge]]

Carex albicans var. emmonsii (Dewey) Rettig.
[Emmons' Sedge]

Carex amphibola Steud.
[Narrow-leaved Sedge]

Carex brevior (Dewey) Mackenzie
[Short Sedge]

Carex crinita Lam.
[Fringed Sedge]

Carex debilis Michx.
[White-edged Sedge]

Carex granularis Muhl. ex Willd.
[Meadow Sedge]

Carex intumescens Rudge
[Bladder Sedge]

Carex lurida Wahlenb.
[Sallow Sedge]

Carex muhlenbergii Schk.
[Muhlenberg's Sedge]

Carex nigromarginata Schw.
[Black-edged Sedge]

Carex pensylvanica Lam.
[Fire Sedge/Pennsylvania S.]

Carex radiata (Wahlenb.) Small
[Stellate Sedge]

Carex seorsa E. C. Howe
[Weak Stellate Sedge]

Carex stipata Muhl.
[Awl-fruited Sedge]

Carex straminea Willd.
[Straw Sedge]

Carex stricta Lam.
[Tussock Sedge]

Carex swanii (Fernald) Mackenz.
[Swan's Sedge]

Carex vulpinoidea var. ambigua F. Boott
[Yellow-fruited Sedge]

Cyperus esculentus L.
[Yellow Nut-sedge]

Cyperus grayi Torr.
[Gray's Cyperus]

Dulichium arundinaceum (L.) Britton
[Three-Way Sedge]

Eleocharis flavescens var. olivacea (Torr.) Gleason
[Bright Green Spike-rush]

Scirpus cyperinus (L.) Kunth.

Scirpus pungens Vahl
[Common Three-Square]


Juncaceae (Rush Family)

Juncus effusus L.
[Great Bulrush; Soft Rush]

Juncus tenuis Willd.
[Path Rush]

Luzula multiflora (Ehrh. ex Hoffm.) Lej.
[Many-flowered Wood-rush]

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