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Special thanks:  Rick Dutko (NJDEP) advised on literature on fresh water mussels and identified shells for us.  Many adults and children of Roosevelt reported birds, turtles, and snakes, which were able to be confirmed.  The population of Red-eared Sliders was reported by Bob and Maureen Clark.  Michael Hamilton reported a beaver population just downstream from town on Assunpink Creek.  Tommy Septak and his dad reported muskrat middens and snakes.  Sarah Tulloss and Danielle Cokeley have helped with butterfly and dragonfly "expeditions."   Special gratitude is extended to the staff and children of the Roosevelt Public School for their sense of wonder and interest in the Borough's environment.

Credits:  Photos of Eastern Box Turtle and turtle tracks in Empty Box Brook are by Robert J. Brauman, Creative Habitat Corp., White Plains, New York.  Many of the reptile and amphibian photos are included by means of links to the Cortland Herpetology ConnectionTexas Parks and Wildlife is the source of a good page on the Red-eared Slider.  A page on the Rough Green Snake is accessed from the Snakes of Indiana site.

Pictures of Butterflies and Moths come from the entomological distribution pages of the USGS Northern Plains Wildlife Research Center site, the University of Georgia Museum of Natural History Collection of Arthropods pages, J. Sylvestre's Butterflies and Moths of Quebec pages, the Ohio State University "Ohioline" pages, the Clemson University entomology web pages, the Dallas County Lepidopterists' Society, and The Pheronet (maintained by Heinrich Arn, Sveriges Lantbruksuniversitet, Alnarp Sweden).  One  Monarch Butterfly connection is to an interesting set of pages at The Blake School in Minnesota.  The Cicada Killer links are to pages of Dr. Joe Coelho, Western Illinois University.  Grasshoppers, Katydids, etc. are pictured via links to T. J. Walker, University of Florida.  Dragonflies and Damselflies are pictured via links to Blair Nikula, Cape Cod, Massachusetts and to the Texas A&M University, Stephenville site.  Among the beetle links are those to sites of  Louisiana State University Agricultural Center, Department of Entomology, and the Clemson University, Department of Entomology Arthropod Museum.

M. C. Barnhart, at Southern Mississippi State University has created a very informative and fascinating site on the freshwater pearly mussels of which at least one species lives in our streams.


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