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This page provides access to a set of documents that relate to the Butterflies of the Soil Project --- an inventory of epigeous macromycetes --- a unit of the Fungus Taxonomic Working Group within the Great Smoky Mountains National Parks All Taxa Biodiversity Inventory (GSMNP ATBI).  To open one of the documents, click on the underlined text of the document name.

Photographs are by Jerry Sheine (FU-0058 and FU-0117) and Rod Tulloss (FU-0109, FU-0122, and FU-0125).  Photographic copyrights are retained by the photographers.

The logo of the Butterflies of the Soil Project.   (JPEG file, 0.47 Mbytes)
GSMNP ATBI specimen FU-0058

The volunteers' notebook.  This file is a work-in-progress that provides the protocols for the project, personnel and budget documentation, sample forms for field notes with brief explanations of their use, samples of required National Park Service reporting forms, the project's collecting permit, etc.    (PDF, 0.85 Mbytes)

Thank you to the volunteers. zNEW 11/15/99

Boletus sp. - FU-0125Amanita sp. 36 - undescribed taxon of section Amanita, FU-0109

Sample "species pages".  In the trial year of the project, one goal was to develop a draft of sample species pages for a single genus or part thereof.  The genus chosen for the Butterflies of the Soil Project was Amanita Pers. (Amanitaceae, Agaricales).  A simple outline for an approach to species pages is provided along with a number of species illustrations and a few brief descriptions (targeted at the informed lay person) and full technical descriptions.  This document should be considered a work-in-progress.    (PDF, 1.12 Mbytes)

National Park Service collection work sheets. (One file for each set of 25 sequential collection card numbers.  PDFs, none larger than 0.4 Mbytes. Determined collections have the determination, determining mycologist, and the word "COMPLETED" in red.) zUPDATED 5/28/00

GSMNP ATBI specimen FU-0117Collections to date by collection number. (PDF, 0.08 Mbytes)
UPDATED 7/31/00

Reports on site visits and other collecting.  (Access to brief reports of project collecting activity.)

Ramaria sp. - FU-0122Site visit report by S. E. K. Tulloss.   (PDF, 0.4 Mbytes)

Smokies called a "mushroom garden."

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